Include or Drop a program, or Withdraw

Include a program

The add/Drop Form (also available from the Office of the Registrar) to add a course, download and print.

  • A program may be added up to 6% through this course. The date that is add certain every single program in line with the program dates.
  • Incorporating a training course will lead to extra costs.

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Drop a program

To drop a program, down load and print the Add/Drop type (also offered by any office regarding the Registrar).

  • The drop date is particular every single program on the basis of the course times.
  • A training course dropped up to 12% through this course won’t be recorded regarding the learning pupil transcript, will maybe not influence the level Point Average (GPA), and can bring about a reimbursement.
  • A training course dropped 13 to 50% through this course are going to be recorded regarding the pupil transcript by having a grade of ‘W’, will perhaps not affect the level aim Average (GPA), and can lead to no refund.
  • A program dropped after 50per cent through this course will likely be recorded in the learning pupil transcript having a grade of ‘F’, will influence the level aim Average (GPA), and can lead to no reimbursement.
  • Dropping a program may impact the money of the federal federal federal government education loan or alternative money. The scholar Advisor, educational funding can be acquired to go over the effects effects with this action and any follow through demands that could be necessary.

Withdraw From University

To withdraw from Olds university undertake the online Withdrawal Form. It is suggested to talk about the choice to withdraw along with your system seat before publishing the proper execution. The academic and financial impacts are noted above in the Drop a Course section if the withdrawal is completed while courses are in progress.

Education loan and Funding Impacts of Dropping a Course or Withdrawing from Olds university

Dropping a program, or withdrawing may influence your financing. It is vital to sign in utilizing the learning student Advisor, Financial help just before your choice to guarantee you comprehend the consequences for this action and any follow through requirements which may be necessary.

Post-Secondary Student Education Loans & Grants

  • Full-Time Funded Students: in the event that you fall below the minimal full-time demands, your financing is terminated and you’ll enter your 6 thirty days elegance duration. Your funding that is original decision be reassessed, which may end up in the transformation of grant funds to loan bucks. In the event that you fall below the minimal full-time needs but nevertheless stay a part-time pupil, contact the scholar Advisor, educational funding to go over part-time financing choices and interest-free status. In the event that you withdraw from university, your withdrawal may influence your capability to get into funding that is future.

  • Part-Time Funded pupils: If you withdraw from university, your money will likely be terminated and future capital may be affected. Your withdrawal date will start your 6 thirty days interest-building grace duration on all present and past Part-Time Canada student education loans.
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